Trial Account

30-Day Free Trial

The first month of trial is absolutely free.
During that period, you have the freedom to test any plan you want, from Seed to Monopoly.

You do not have to insert your card number to start trying Scalr.
There is no trick here: you WON'T be charged until you insert you credit card details.

Our trial account includes ticket support. It means you can create as many tickets as you want on our support forum.

End of Trial

At the end of the trial (30 days later), you have three different options available:


Click on this link to enter your credit card information.


Go to the billing page and click on Cancel Subscription.
As soon as you unsubscribe, Scalr will no longer monitor your Instances. You will loose any remaining days of Scalr usage. If you want to use Scalr again with the same account, you will need to add your credit card details. You will be charged when re-activating the account.

Do Nothing

You will receive a few emails automatically sent by our payment provider. You will also receive an invoice, but you won't be charged since we do not have your credit card number. The account will be canceled after a short grace period. Scalr will no longer monitor your Instances.

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